Wind of the Ryukyus Theme Park

Ryukyu Wind, a re-creation of parts of Okinawa from the 14th-16th centuries, opened in October of 1992. The park was used as the set for a Japanese movie, "Wind of the Ryukyus," which aired on Japanese television station NHK in the first part of 1993.

The park is more like a Japanese version of Universal Studios, but without the rides. Visitors can roam the streets and look at replicas of the cities of Shuri, Kume, and Naha Port. Step back into time, to the days of the samurai!

As you enter the park, Shuri City is at your left. The rock walls imitate a design invented by Nozura Zumi many years ago. The road is made of Ryukyu limestone and coral, as it would have looked when it was first laid in the ground. Following the signs with arrows, the road changes from rocks to a smoother surface, to imitate what the roads would actually look like 30-40 years after initially being made.

Ryukyuan emperors built a separate area for Chinese diplomats to stay in when they came to visit. A replica of this area comes up next. Four to five hundred diplomats would come at one time and would stay for four to eight months, teaching local residents different trades and skills, as well as keeping up diplomatic relations. Over the course of 500 years, the Chinese diplomats visited 22 times, once for each emperor.

All the buildings are exterior views only, except for the replica of a schoolhouse. The buildings that represent each city, or section, are different in color, structure and material, all based on what the buildings actually looked like at that time. Although the buildings are 80% of what their original sizes were, they are still imposing and grand and give you a firsthand view of what life was like back then.

There is even a replica of the Izuzami Gawa (river) and Izuzami Noheshi (bridge) where the city of Naha connected to the city of Kume (where Chinese immigrants resided). After you walk over the bridge and through old Naha with its thatched roof buildings, you come to old Naha Port. This is where the ship "Taiki" is docked. The original Taiki was built in the Fuchien Province of China (directly across from Taiwan).

Strolling back through the rest of the park, you come to the souvenir shop and restaurant. There is an English-speaking guide available for tours and it is advised you call in advance to set up a time for your tour.

Ryukyu Wind Park is located just outside of Yomitan Village.
Directions: From KAB, take Route 58 North. After Kadena Rotary, Take Route 6/Cape Zanpa. Past Torii Station, you'll come to an intersection with a fork bearing to the left, off Route 6. Take this left. When you pass an auto shop with a Subaru sign, take a left on the next paved road. Follow this to the park and you'll be directed to parking. Go in the white building for tickets.
For information, group reservations or an appointment with an English-speaking tour guide, call (098) 958-1111.