More Photos of Bandit and Guin

little princess
Guin is our little princess. . .just ask Mom (me)
bandit mugging
Bandit loves having photos taken -
if he sees Chris or me pull out the camera,
he plants his little red butt right in front
of us until we take at least one photo of him
banditevil.jpg - 7372 Bytes
With the green eyes, Bandit looks like a devil dog -- oooh, scary!
guinsexy.jpg - 3929 Bytes
Guin doing her impersonation
of Marilyn Monroe
guinyawn.jpg - 4389 Bytes
Take a guess - is she a) yawning b) angry or c) just acting weird
banditchris.jpg - 7037 Bytes
Chris and Bandit
Guin and me
banditbed.jpg - 5257 Bytes
"All right, already! Let me sleep, would ya?"
guinball2.jpg - 6512 Bytes
It took us years (literally) to teach
Guin to fetch a ball
guinball1.jpg - 6135 Bytes
She doesn't run after the ball,
but leisurely walks to it,
then shakes it to death