MIA Dig 2001

You may have already read my page about the MIA Digs, but if not, it will give you a good background before reading this update:

(from Kazuhisa Hashimoto, one of the people involved in the annual MIA Digs): "164 people took part this year, but we found only a few bones. Mostly we searched at Mabuni and Komesu,which is beside Himeyuri-no-to."

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"Each time the OKIYOME group has been there, who clean up the bones; this time they did not have enough bones to clean."

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"Some Okinawans do not like us doing this because our walking around in the jungle and their sugar cane field bother their work. we are thinking the time to stop is coming soon - maybe in a few years."

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A ceremony is held at the dig site, then at a dinner later in the evening of the last day of the dig, to honor the dead and help them rest in peace.

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