World War II In The Pacific

Himeyuri no to

On March 24, 1945, a group of 194 schoolgirls and 17 teachers were assigned to the Haebaru Military as nurses. They had to tend to the wounded, dispose of the corpses, and carry water and provisions in the middle of the battle and gunfire.

On June 18, as the battle was coming to an end, an order of dissolution was given to the nurses. Those assigned to the first and second surgery units tried to escape, but many were shot by the enemy as they fled to Kyan or Mabuni, while others committed suicide to avoid being captured by the enemy - the Americans.

The nurses from the third surgery unit hid in a cave, but a bomb thrown into it by American soldier killed 40 of them instantly, while only five survived.

This memorial, dedicated to these schoolgirls and teachers, marks the site of where the third surgery unit hid.