Okinawa - 1962
As remembered by Doug Wyman

The castle was on a high hill and here is a view from the wall We were living about half way up the island, outside a village called Sobe.

I remember taking a trip down island and stopping at this high hill at the ruins of an old castle. The castle "gate" had been reconstructed but the grounds were left as they were after the war. When one walks on ground that has felt the footsteps of man for so many centuries, one feels a sense of reverence.

The hill on which the ruins stood was one of the highest places I ever got to on the island during the two years I was there. It was a commanding view.

I feel a sense of loss as I have seen satellite pictures of Okinawa now and it is no longer the sleepy rural island it was when I was there. My favorite beach where we once used to skinny dip is now the yacht basin of a large resort. I had a home in Owan, outside Kadena Circle and now I can't even find the home in which I lived.

Those of us who served in our small compound gathering intelligence still talk about our times on Okinawa in a chat group on the net.