Review of the skunks by Almost Normal Comics

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44 pages, digest, copied, literary zine. Skunk's Life has to be one of the best literary zines going. Each time I'm fortunate enough to read an issue I'm struck by the high quality of writing. Let's face it, the fictional writing in most zines really isn't that impressive. The writing in Skunk's Life is. This time `round we're treated with a time traveling antique dealer that winds up in the middle of a Carry Nation melee; a psychiatrist that comes to see things from his patient's perspective a little too clearly (least that's my read); and we're given a glimpse into the wide-eyed expectations of two young men that discover the brutal reality of getting what you want. In addition Musty and Dusty Book Chat takes a look at the January 1943 book-of-the-month club selections. A short synopsis of each book is provided as well as its' original cost and the current cost. Then there's the Cranky Section near the end of the issue. The topics this time are celebrating holidays (in particular Valentine's Day and Black Love Day), dancing, and applauding performances. Skunk's Life is not only a pleasure to read, but also educational. The fictional stories as well as the rants are full of historical information. At times it is used to illustrate a point and at others to educate the reader. Intertwining factual history into the various writings grabs the reader's attention, stimulates the interest, and whets the appetite for more knowledge!

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